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Poster: skuzzlebutt Date: Dec 5, 2006 12:12pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 6-9-77

This is another show that I see at or near the top of a lot “Best of ‘77” lists. My own opinion is that it is a great listen, and the Help>Slip>Frank is tremendous, but it’s not quite as strong as an entire show as a few others.

Of course I might feel differently in a few hours.

The "problem" with 1977- and it's a wonderful “problem” to have - is that the band held the bar so ridiculously high throughout the year that for the most part it's really hard for individual shows to stand apart from the crowd. I’m not saying it was the Dead’s best year, but for a band that was notorious for being uneven, 1977- with '74 a distant second - was likely the most consistent year of the pre-Mydland era in terms of show-to-show performance level. It’s the one year where I truly feel that if I were approached asked to select what I thought were the year’s five best shows I could pretty much grab almost (I did say almost) any five and have my bases covered, then go back and pick five more the next day and be just as satisfied with my choices.

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Poster: cosmicharlie Date: Dec 5, 2006 12:49pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 6-9-77

no doubt! they were getting things exactly perfect